Two Questions for When You Feel Uncertain

Whenever I feel like I’m veering off course from what God intends for me–whether I’m confused about a decision to make or uncertain about an activity–I remember to ask the right questions.

Think about a decision you face. Maybe it’s something small but nagging like a question you have about your activity on social media. Maybe it’s a decision over an offer to do something or be somewhere with certain people. Maybe it’s a job change, a speaking engagement, or something, anything, that you’re just unsure about. Maybe it’s choosing a college or a church or a new neighborhood.

These two questions below set my mind right and never fail to keep me on the right course with Jesus.

  1. Which choice helps me love God and love others more?
  2. Does this thing lead me more and more into worship? If not, maybe I should say no.

I hope these two questions help you in your decision-making today.

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