Questions that Serve a Family

Lately, I’ve thought about ways to serve others better in my family. I love these kinds of questions I ask my husband and daughters that end up blessing me and making our home fun and lively.

How can I make this day easier for you?

How can I serve you today?

How can I pray for you today? What’s on your mind that’s stressing you out?

But here are the questions I ask myself:

What one thing might I do to make today special for them–that matches how they like love expressed to them? I love the element of surprise! It’s fun! I think through a special after school snack, dinner, or dessert. I also think about playing music they like or lighting a scented candle to make the kitchen cozier. I think of any outings I could plan. I also think about helping straighten bedrooms or anything to make the home environment more welcoming.

What do I need to do for myself today to recharge, refresh, and feel special, so I’m not relying on family members to meet these needs all the time? Do I take a walk, sink into a hot bath, go for a coffee treat, or order takeout? Do I schedule time with an encouraging friend, go into nature to take pictures, or spend an hour in prayer?

This task of mothering and of shaping a home environment continues to challenge me and grow me. It’s been a wonderful journey of learning to bless others, care for myself, and keep love and creativity alive.

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