Put the Old Records On

Sometimes I go back and listen to the music I loved in college, and then I watch movies I loved in college. Today, I heard a song from a summer long ago from David Wilcox called “Farthest Shore.” Back then, it was a cry for one day living a life of deepest surrender to God:

Let me dive into the water
Leave behind all that I’ve worked for
Except what I remember and believe
And when I stand on the farthest shore
I will have all I need

I think about everything I have of any value, and it’s never an object or an achievement. It’s God and people. It’s love. I have all I need. As a woman in her 40’s I know this. As a girl listening to this song, I wanted it to be true. Oh, how I hoped it were true! I love now knowing that it is.

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