Public Speaking From Home

I’m enjoying my public speaking schedule! It’s all from home–right at my kitchen table. I’ve joined groups of women reading my books; I’ve joined various Cru groups; I’ve spoken for our Grad Summer Mission; and I’ve recorded videos for various venues.

I’ve learned the importance of having expert help. I’m so thankful for my videographer. When you’re speaking from home to online groups, everything is about your lighting, your audio, and your background. Everything is about the right angle.

However, sometimes you can’t have an expert to help you. In this case, I’ve had to invest in a light ring and a much higher quality web camera. I’ve also learned little things like if you’re using your iPhone to record, you want to use the back camera (but then you can’t see yourself if you’re out of frame–you’ll need a mirror or someone else to help check your position). Normally, an iPhone camera will look much better than a web cam recording.

I’ve also learned that gone are the days of the 50 minute talk. Because audiences experience fatigue when looking at the screen, speakers should cut down their messages to 20 minutes and include notes and reflection questions to keep everyone engaged.

I’ve adapted to this new world of remote speaking!

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