Preparing for Guests

Over the years, I’ve learned some things (both as a guest of others and host) that I’d thought I’d pass on to younger readers about hosting other people in your home.

I’m not an expert, but here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Prepare a bedroom with fresh linens, a tissue box, a bottle of water, and a fan (in case they like a cooler room). Also include an extra blanket for chilly nights. Don’t over scent the room since some guests find fragrance irritating. You can clean with vinegar and a drop of an essential oil instead of strong cleaners. If you like, you can add a special touch of a magazine, chocolate, or little gift your guests might enjoy to help them relax.
  • In the bathroom, remember to clear large amounts of counter space for guests to place their personal belongings. Deep clean the bathroom before guests arrive (this included scrubbing the shower, toilet, sink, and floors). Place some toiletries they might have forgotten within reach (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo). Place a little vase of¬†flowers in the bathroom. Remember to have bathroom spray and extra toilet paper available.
  • If children are coming, prepare a location with toys and books.
  • Always have special snacks ready for guests (nuts, popcorn, chocolate, fruit) that you set out upon their arrival in case they need refreshment from their journey.
  • Write down the wifi password to give guests once they settle in.
  • If serving dinner, attempt to clean kitchen before serving dinner so the only clean up afterwards is serving dishes and plates.
  • Let guests know in advanced their breakfast options, and rise early to brew coffee or steep tea.
  • Allow for quiet time / solitude for guests so nobody feel over-scheduled.

Enjoy blessing your guests!!

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