Plugging Into the Supply: The Best Image of a Neighborhood

My sister tells me of an unusual circumstance on her street this morning. Because of a broken water pipe, the county turns off the water to a neighbor’s home. What can he do while he waits for the repair?

Apparently, he can plug into another home’s supply. He can run a hose from my sister’s house back to his house. When she hears of this possible solution, she says without hesitation, “Yes! You can plug into my supply!”

The offer has me smiling all morning. I think about my own spiritual and physical supply that I invite neighbors to plug into with each new day. I want to be that filled, that overflowing with God’s love and provision, that available with resources that I stand there ready for the hose.

And I think about what I lack and how, in my own time of need, I tap into so many neighbors’ supplies of time, meals, encouragement, and even transportation. I’ve plugged in¬†through sickness, disappointment, fear, loneliness, and car trouble.

When we’re in need, we plug in. When we’re in great supply, we open the gate, affix the hose, and let what we have bless the house who needs it most.

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