Perpetual Miracle

I’m reading a sermon by Charles Spurgeon, delivered in 1856 at New Park Street Chapel in Southwark. The lines make me rejoice over divine mercy all over again. As I think about the guarding power of Christ’s righteousness and the simultaneous indwelling sin that still operates, I find myself amazed at what it means to be saved from sin. He states:

A Christian is a perpetual miracle. Every hour that I am preserved from sinning is an hour of as divine a might as that which saw a new-born world swathed in its darkness and heard “the morning stars sing for joy.” Did ye never think how great is the danger to which a Christian is exposed from his indwelling sin?. . . Christian! Mind thy danger! There is not a man in battle so much in danger from the shot, as thou art from thine own sin. Thou carriest in thy soul an infamous traitor. . .”

I love thinking of walking about as a perpetual miracle because of Jesus within me. And, although guarded by righteousness, I attend to the reality of a sin nature still operative. I think of a danger I don’t understand, and I confess and pray for God’s leading and protection afresh.

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