Perhaps Gratitude

I’m wondering if gratitude—I mean existential gratitude—could change us. A student uses the phrase “existential gratitude” to discuss a moment when she felt truly happy to be alive, to be here, now, breathing and participating as a living thing on this planet. And she thanked God.

David cries in Psalm 16 about his whole being rejoicing before God. I think of the existential gratitude of it all.

I consider this existential gratitude where everything we do flows from this gratitude and we marvel moment-by-moment just to be alive.

Think of it! Gratitude! It feels divine. It’s worship. It’s joy. It’s that shalom peace that you don’t need to be doing anything else, anywhere else, with anyone else, because you’re overcome with the “rightness” of just being right where you are as you are.

God, You are here. I am here. Thank you.

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