Past the Prime

I arose early to decorate the kitchen with a graduation banner and balloons, make almond pastries, and begin this day of celebration of all the high school graduates. Notably, I found myself in the book of Isaiah this morning. The words hit deep: “Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth!” The graduation decorations I chose mention the future: a new adventure, a new time of life, a new, fresh future. It’s time for the new!

As I then took a rather poignant look around the garden, it’s like God sent a message in wilted, dying things. The peonies finished blooming and bowed their heads in rest; the lilac tree now sits faded with withered lilacs; the daffodil stalks rest brown on the garden bed. Even the rhododendron’s bright pink blossoms are past their prime.

But look! Just as these blooming moments have ended, a new thing springs up. Right beside the lilac, the goatsbeard rises with creamy blossoms. Right around the corner from the dead daffodils, the tomato blossoms emerge. Just as the peony exits the spotlight, the blackberry and raspberry shine. In sight of the withering peony, the astilbe grows tall. And just as I missed that bright pink peony and rhodedendron, I notice it: the pink climbing roses, with the sweetest smell of all, have bloomed. Do not dwell on the past; I am doing a new thing.

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