Particular Care

As I washed my hands in the kitchen sink this morning, I remember I did indeed recognize a flair moment yesterday (the day I didn’t blog). It’s because I glance up at my nearly dead orchid in the window sill to see that it sent out a hearty spike with bright green buds.

It’s going to bloom again!

Last year, after my neighbor gifted me with a beautiful orchid in a decorative pot shared with a succulent, I enjoyed the blooms until they died and the spike shriveled away. I trimmed it down and then basically ignored the plant.

Since I admired the dark green glossy leaves, I occasionally splashed the plant with water as I washed dishes.

And then! And then! This!

I learn that an orchid will rest for nearly a year and then bloom again with particular care. In this case, I inadvertently did everything right: the sunny (but not too bright) spot, the trimming away of the old growth, and the infrequent watering.

An orchid will bloom and then retreat into a dormant state to rest and restore nutrients. Then, sometime in the next year, it will bloom again.

It blooms just once a year. Once a year! Consider the wise orchid. I’m so thankful for the natural world that showcases the rhythms of rest and fruitfulness. I’m so thankful that sometimes, we spend our years restoring nutrients for that one beautiful moment.

An orchid blooms once a year and mostly rests. With particular care, I think about these rhythms as the winter seasons keeps us dormant and slow.

We’ll bloom in time.

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