Pain and Provision

Today my dear friend (who knows I just love wonderful truths showcased in nature and natural processes) tells me about how jewelweed only grows alongside poison ivy and stinging nettle.

Whenever you see the poison ivy or stinging nettle, look for the jewelweed. You’ll find it. It’s there.

I’ve never heard of jewelweed in my life, and I’m not sure I should care.

But she tells me how the jewelweed juice provides the immediate remedy to the itching and irritation of poison ivy and stinging nettle. The solution to the pain exists alongside of it. The remedy is available right there as if God just knew–He just knew and planned.

The poison ivy will grow, but God provides something right alongside it to heal and remedy if we apply what’s been provided right there.

There’s pain and provision. With every pain, a promise. With every sting, a salve.

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