Out of Your Mind

For those of us who overthink everything, who ruminate, who infuse everything with meaning–even toenails or pencils or acorns–and who insist on diagnosing and fully understanding our rapidly shifting internal states, I suggest getting out of the mind. 

Sort your sock drawer and do not make it an allegory about marriage. 
Weed the vegetable garden and just pull weeds; don’t think about sin or anything corroding the soul.
Bake cookies. Just bake cookies.
Don’t take a bath. Baths make you think. 
Scrub all the toilets. You can’t think about anything else but the toilets.
Repair something that’s broken–an actual, physical broken thing (Not your heart! Not your hurting heart!)
Go deliver chocolates to a neighbor. Then listen to her for however long she needs to talk. Don’t interrupt. Just listen. 
Then, watch a comedy on television. Don’t analyze the jokes. Just laugh.
Listen to music; dance with children; pick wild flowers. 
Find some animals to brush or walk. 
There, now. You are truly out of your mind. 
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