Ordinary Thanks

This morning I rejoiced in ordinary neighborhood living that makes my heart explode with delight.

  • I walked my neighbor’s dog (the one named Peanut who looks just like a peanut) in the fresh snowfall and laughed at how the falling snow made a coat of cottony white that he didn’t shake off. Happy dogs in the snow represent a particularly joyful pleasure.
  • I arranged bowls of blackberries for morning crepes, and as I cooked each delicate crepe, I noted the buttery, warm smell. I squeezed fresh lemons for drizzling. I put out powdered sugar and another bowl of sliced strawberries. I was so thankful for this feast.
  • I called an early-rising neighbor over for coffee and crepes. She walked over in the snow without question. Seeing her form come closer down the sidewalk made my heart sing for the joys of friendship.
  • I set my mind to the day’s task of shoveling snow, writing, and dinner preparation for a friend coming later. I rejoiced that God gives us daily work. What a privilege!
  • I texted out the Morning Pep Talk to a struggling teen. I rejoiced that nobody has to struggle alone.
  • And I finally thanked God for a fresh day and a fresh start. What a gift each day is!
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