Now Go

I’m reading in Exodus after my journey through Genesis and Job. I pause at Exodus 4:12 because I realize it’s exactly what so many of us–perhaps even you–need to hear in a fresh way.

If you remember, God gives Moses a wonderful (if not terrifying) assignment to speak first to the elders of Israel and then eventually to Pharaoh about releasing the Israelites from Egyptian enslavement.

Moses does what we all might do when faced with an overwhelming task. He asks for reassurance. He tells the Lord he’s not skilled enough. Then he begs God to ask someone else to do the work.

I just love God’s words to Moses:

“Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”

I will help you. I will teach you what to say. 

As we move into new areas of ministry and take steps that require faith, I’m certain we will also feel insecure, overwhelmed, and unskilled. But if God sends us, He will help and teach us. It might be that God positions you with important, intimidating leaders. It might be that He puts you in a situation of speaking to powerful people when you feel powerless. Or, like Moses, God may ask us to do something where we feel like our mannerism or impediments (like Moses and his “slow tongue”) don’t match the calling. But who are we to question God? He can send anyone, at anytime, in any way, to accomplish His purposes.

I like to remember that as we do things that terrify us, God will help us and teach us.

Now go!


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