Noticing New Things in the Psalms

(Sorry for the delayed publication of this one!)

This morning, I began to notice a few new things in the Psalms. As you know, I’m always reading the Psalms. Part of my morning routine to help me abide with Jesus involves reading a few psalms. Since I’ve been doing this for years and years, I would think I’d get bored. But I never do. I always find new things.

And you will as well.

This morning, I love the promise that as we abide with Jesus, everything we do prospers (Psalm 1:3). I believe this by faith, even when my activities don’t exactly look prosperous. Maybe God’s definition of prospering looks different from mine. Maybe the prospering comes later or in a different form. Nevertheless, something is prospering here.

Next, I read something about joy I haven’t noticed yet. David says in Psalm 4:7 that God has “put more joy in [his] heart” than other external things have provided–like wine and grain. I pause on the verb “put.” David didn’t have to do anything, be anywhere special, or have anything in particular to get the joy because God simply puts it there. 

I love this! I love that no matter where we are, God puts the joy in us.

The joy is prospering here.

Put and prosper. Great verbs! I’m thinking about these promises today.

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