Noticing–and Thanking–Again

I go back to the beginning of Live with Flair and record all the things I loved in the span of a few moments. I loved, for example,

  1. the thankful face of a student who said a lesson was exactly what he needed right now in his life
  2. the way the snow fell in fluffy flakes all over my coat
  3. the stomping in slushy snow that, at first seemed hard and unforgiving, but then parted into high walls around my boots as I walked
  4. the way a library book arrived from far away because of interlibrary loan
  5. how I’ve never thought to be thankful for interlibrary loan before
  6. the sound of a daughter’s voice on the phone
  7. the feel of hot water on your skin after a bitter cold winter walk
  8. the sight of dinner already prepared, defrosting
  9. the feeling of a completed teaching assignment
  10. the sound of a husband shoveling snow for me

I remember the power of noticing, of thanking God, and of receiving the blessings right here that overflow.

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