Not Always Every Day

Quick update: Due to my traveling, as you know, I’m not always blogging over the weekend. It’s been a big change for all of us not to enjoy daily Live with Flair posts, so I wanted to thank you for your faithful daily readership and engagement since March 2010. I’m also aware that sometimes you’ll receive a big batch of posts instead of day-by-day, so Ashley is working to fix that!

Back to the blog:

I’m loving my 4 Prayers inspired by the book of Job. I pray them in the morning, at the gym, as I’m walking on campus, and before I go to bed. The 4 Prayers center my heart and fill my mind with peace. I am asking them for others as well:

  1. Grant me favor
  2. Give me wisdom
  3. Send me to help someone
  4. Tune my heart to joy

I’m not sure why these 4 Prayers in particular matter so much. I suppose it’s because they cover the entire day: favor in work and relationships, wisdom in every area of living, a purpose and mission to serve, and a mindset of joy.

Enjoy the 4 Prayers today, and see if you experience the same peaceful enjoyment of God.

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