Nonstop Cookies

Right about now, we bake cookies almost every day till Christmas. It’s wonderful! The whole house smells like Christmas cookies. We bake cookies to keep our Christmas cookie platter full, but we also bake cookies to give away. I still use the same basic sugar cookie recipe with the almond icing that I’ve used for nearly 20 years. You cannot go wrong with this recipe. 

We bring iced cookies to church functions, to neighbors, to students, and to friends. We host dessert parties. Basically, for the entire month of December, we bring cookies everywhere.

It’s a great way to spread Christmas cheer.

I’ve learned to keep a roll of clear cellophane wrapping paper on hand with a ball of yarn or twine. Just stack up some cookies, wrap them in some festive cellophane, and tie with a bow to deliver your treats.

And remember, I’m terrible with my icing. This is not fancy expert icing at all. It’s just ordinary, messy, and delicious.

Enjoy your holiday baking!

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