No Turtle

Five years ago, I convinced myself that a turtle was hibernating under our deck. When Spring came, I attempted to lure him out with treats. Luring the Turtle filled my heart with anticipation and wonder as I watched the yard for that enormous turtle.

Every day, I peeked out the window to see.

Yesterday, repairmen came to fix our old deck. They ripped up disintegrating wood to reveal the depths of my deck’s underside.

I walked out there in my socks to witness what was for so long unknown to me. Would I see dozens of turtles half-buried in leaves and soil? 

Nothing. Just old leaves, a tennis ball, and rocks. Even the mysterious skunk tunnel was just a boring abandoned hole.
But I remembered the anticipation and hope I felt 5 years ago. I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe, the turtle went deeper. Maybe, just maybe, many mysterious creatures hide in deep burrows that I cannot see.

I chose to keep the hope alive, and I’ll peek out every day, just in case. 

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