No Certainty

This morning, I felt so encouraged by a letter from our missionary friends, John and Jenny Karraker. In it, they describe what it’s like to travel so much when things happen that you cannot control like storms or plans changing unexpectedly. They live with a true “missionary spirit” to embrace an uncertain life. They write:

“Jesus said, ‘Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.’ (Luke 9:58). The lesson seems to be that following Jesus offers no certainties in food or accommodation. Life’s routines may be upset and the mission requires sacrifice. The Christ-follower must count the cost. The promise of a steady paycheck, regular vacations, and comfortable homes might not all be part of the missionary endeavor.”

John and Jenny Karraker

I showed this to my husband because that’s what life has felt like for our family for the last 23 years. It’s. been a wonderful adventure of learning to “count the cost” and become more like Jesus in how He lived above the need for comfort. He had the ultimate comfort, the ultimate supply, the ultimate source of rest; this He provides for us right in the midst of changing itineraries, uncomfortable lodging, sleepless nights, or any other thing that might challenge us. All of it becomes a “pleasing sacrifice” of giving over comfort for Comfort.

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