Never Too Old for a Snow Day

It’s a joyous, whimsical day around here. It’s a bonafide snow day! It’s not simply a normal 2- hour delay for the start of school, but a real, genuine, legitimate all-day snow day. Even the university shuts down in response to the fluffy half-foot of snow now frosted with falling ice.

We stay in pajamas and plan our snow day just like we did when we were all much younger. Not much has changed in a decade: we still make a special lunch, watch way too much TV, and consider what warm treat to make in the afternoon.

And we still, much to our delight, receive an invitation from a friend down the street to journey to the sledding hill, just as we did when the girls were little.

Just as I did when they were little girls, I’ll have the steaming hot chocolate with marshmallows ready for their return home.

You’re never too old for snow day.

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