Never a Waste of Your Time

Sometimes I wake with the whole day stretching before me of grocery shopping, meal planning, chores, grading, errands, driving teens places, etc. etc. etc. And what about exercise, socializing, or all the other things you want to pack into the day? It’s so tempting to launch yourself into the fresh day like a rocket. That’s what this morning felt like.

But then I remember the truth: Time in God’s word will change the whole focus, course, and temper of the day. God’s word supplies the wisdom, correction, and reminder of precious promises. It invites you to pray in response, to journal to the Lord, or to sit and worship. Time in God’s word is never wasted time. It always bears good fruit in our lives. There’s always a nugget of joy for you when you read it. You’ll open a new gift every single morning (or whenever it is you read God’s word). When you feel overwhelmed with a day’s work ahead, I invite you to pause for maybe 15 minutes and open the Bible. Think about Jesus. Ask for what you need. Pray for others. Respond to the truth of what you read.

Start with Psalm 119 because you can list out all the benefits of knowing God’s word. I promise you’ll be blessed.

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