Never a Good Time

I remember the advice of a graduate school mentor who told me not to ever put life on hold to wait for a better time to get married, have children, or anything else for that matter. He said, “The perfect time will never arrive, so just do what you want to do.”

I kept thinking I’d wait for this or that to happen, and then I’d get married and have children. But I realized it’s never a good time. So I did bizarre things like get married and have a baby during graduate school. I’m so glad I did!

I realize it’s the same with writing or any kind of personal goal. There’s never a good time to begin, really. If I waited for the perfect, quiet morning in a writing cabin in New England with a fireplace and snow and endless creative space, I’d never write one word.

So I don’t wait anymore. There’s never a good time, so I write while waiting in line, stirring sauce, doing laundry. . .

I think there’s wisdom in abandoning the wait for the perfect time. 

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