My Second Day of Not Blogging in 8 Years

Well, there was that one day in Kansas that I couldn’t blog. And now yesterday. It was a day of grading and running around campus, and I forgot. 

For the first time in 8 years, since March 2010, I forgot.

I did have a small, shining moment in the morning when I thought, “This is it! This is the flair moment.” It was when I read in Psalm 20 about the Lord sending help from His sanctuary when you are in distress (Psalm 20:2). I wondered about all the forms of help the Lord sends. Angels? Ideas? People? Peace? Hope? Objects of comfort? Animals? What does the help of the Lord look like? 

It was just a moment—-a question about recognizing the help of the Lord—but then I lost it. I went on into the day, hurried and frazzled. I went on into the day, overwhelmed and tired.

But every lost thing can be found in the Lord. So today, I find the flair moment again, a day late.

Now, when I say that I’ve blogged every day for 8 years straight, I will say, “Except that one day in Kansas and that other day when I forgot to write down my thoughts on help.”

Maybe the help I needed was to forget, to free up some time in a packed day. And maybe the help I needed was to forget so that I’d now always remember the help of the Lord in every form.

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