Most Marvelous Riches

Last night, around 8:00 PM, my daughter and I took our neighborhood walk. I unzipped my coat and took off my winter hat to enjoy the cool 50 degree evening. The moon shone so brightly that we could see clearly, but it was still dark enough that the entire walk felt bathed in silverly light. As we approached our favorite part of the walk (the one where a certain black cat always comes to meet us), my daughter whispered and pointed.

Up ahead, we saw the glowing eyes of at least seven beautiful and majestic deer crossing the neighborhood streets to return to the forest. We could hear the patter of their deer hooves and the rustle of leaves and branches as they walked. We checked the time. We’ll return to observe their crossing in nights to come. We stood in silence as the black cat circled our feet. He sat beside us to watch the deer.

We stopped to gaze at the moon and stars, and I learned how to take pictures of the moon with my phone.

I like to remember that what invites awe into the heart costs nothing. Nature’s riches pour down and cross silently across our path.

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