More Southern Living: The Joy of Pickled Things

Every time I visit North Carolina, I learn more about Southern Traditions. Here, we’re spoiled with full breakfasts of bacon and eggs and coffee and buttered grits with cheese. For later meals, we eat butter beans, corn, and snap beans with everything.

I thought I knew all I needed to know until I found myself elbow deep in jars of pickled things.

We were setting out lunch after church, and I was in charge of arranging the pickled beets, beans, watermelon rinds, tomatoes, cucumbers, and apples. I learn about pickled okra even. Deep in the basement, all the mason jars for pickling sit from a time gone by before refrigeration or freezing when everyone canned for the winter.

I eat more than I arrange on the platter. And I love pickled watermelon rinds. Who knew?

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