More Italian Mama Wisdom: You Need You Sometimes

You need you sometimes.

The Italian Mama offers wisdom today as she describes advising friends to be there for themselves. It’s like softly saying to me–but will full Italian Mama authority–“Heather needs Heather today.”

You need you today.

We discuss how mothers know how to care for everyone else but themselves. They put everyone aside in order to be there for children, spouses, friends, coworkers, students, everyone.

But what if mothers practiced being there for themselves, too? Imagine the Italian Mama pointing a kind but stern finger in your face and saying, “You need to be there for yourself right now.”

You need you to take care of you like you would care for someone else. Shall I say it again?

You need to take care of you like you would care for someone else.

Otherwise, you run yourself ragged. You start shutting down. You overextend and overcommit.

If you’re the one caring for everyone, you might just need some of yourself today for you. You doctor yourself. You comfort yourself. You prepare nutritious foods and bring the comforts for yourself. You are also a member of your own family.

You need you sometimes.

It’s wise, timely advice for moms today.

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