Monday Night: Our New Favorite Dinner

Tonight we’re having Orecchiette with Rappi and Meatless Sausage. Don’t worry! It’s not as strange as you’re thinking. (After trying this recipe just once, my family insists we now serve it every Monday night. The girls will take any leftovers for lunch tomorrow.)

First, some definitions:

Orecchiette: Italian for “little ears.” It’s a kind of pasta. I recommend the Italian De Cecco brand.

Rappi: Related to the turnip, it has broccoli-like buds and bitter leaves that when chopped and blanched tasted so delicious. You might find rappi also called broccoli raberappini, or broccoli di rappa.

Meatless sausage: Find the brand called “Don’t Be a Piggy Meatless Sausage Crumbles.” You will love the flavor! It’s vegan and made with soy, but don’t be afraid!

You’ll love this recipe! It’s flavorful, easy, and healthy. Enjoy!

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