Merlin Let Me Pet Him

In the early years of Live with Flair, the one-eyed cat we rescued, Jack, became a blog celebrity. I recounted his journey of healing and found so many parallels to my own spiritual journey.

As you know, we eventually adopted another cat, Merlin, who, for whatever reason, behaves like a wild cat. Unlike Jack, he’s healthy and like a leopard in the jungle, but he has his own kind of journey.

It’s been a year of slowly gaining his trust. 

He’s always on high alert, ready to scram, if I even come near him. Once a day, he just might let someone hold him if food is involved, but mostly, he flees.

It’s hard to snap a picture of him because he’s too skittish.

But I don’t give up. I keep using treats and slow movements, and last night, he ate a treat from my palm and then curled up at my feet, purring loudly. He let me pet him and, for once, didn’t move. It was a wonderful, peaceful moment with an otherwise jumpy, high-strung, nervous cat. As he finally relaxed for once, I was ready to give him anything his little cat heart wanted. Stay with me! I will delight you! 

I saw anxious and high-strung me in that cat. I saw how, perhaps God just wants me to relax, enjoy His presence, and receive all the treats He has to give.

If I would only stop running around like something’s after me. If I would only curl up and receive. It’s so easy.

Oh, Merlin. One day, you’ll learn how much we love you. One day, you’ll really, truly trust.

Merlin Scared



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