Well, my journey in memorizing Psalm 119 stalled. I discovered the sad truth: I’m terrible at memorization now that I’m in my mid-forties. My brain isn’t as sharp as when I easily memorized long speeches and performed them. I used to recite Elizabeth Bishop poems from memory and then delighted in memorizing the first section of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Psalm 16. Sonnet 29. Colossians 1. I can still recite all of these! I used to memorize quickly and effortlessly. Now? It’s harder! I’ve tried singing. I’ve tried writing the words down. I’ve tried saying them over and over again. Nothing sticks the same way these days.

So I’ve only memorized the very first few verses, but I keep mixing up certain phrases. Ah! Maybe my brain fog from Covid is real!

I shall press on to hide God’s word in my heart. I hope it’s going better for you.

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