Maybe You Just Need a Nap

I want to live in a land with required siestas.  

I want to go back to Rest Hour from my camp counselor days. For entire summers, I would take a nap, like clockwork, from 1:30-2:30 PM. In fact, most everyone was napping.

I notice how young adults keep an insane pace. I notice the guilt women feel if they confess they had a nap. Children and the elderly have special times and places to nap, but from the time you’re 5 years old till retirement, we’re expected to go, go, go.

It’s hot today, and I stayed up so late last night for fireworks. Then, it’s up at 5:00 AM. Today, I’m slugging around like I just need a little nap.

“Take a nap!” my husband says.

“Really? A little nap? I just might!”

Good-bye. I’m off to close my eyes for 30 minutes.

Are you a napper?

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