Maybe Start Dreaming

Sometimes my daughter and I dream of renovation ideas for the bathroom. We find new elements, price them, and dream of one day. We both realize it might take a long time, but it’s always fun to work towards something and to dream.

I think it’s a sign of being in a good mental space when you begin to dream again. But for some of us, we cannot possibly picture a future because of our particular situation with COVID19 and the effect on our livelihood. We aren’t sure what to dream about or what to plan for. This, of course, only relates to material matters. It never applies to spiritual ones. Our physical situation can never hinder (in fact, it usually advances) our spiritual growth and desire to become more and more like Jesus. What would we dream for ourselves for next week, month, or year? If our interior renovation dreams came true, what would change about us? I think of ways I want to grow as a woman of prayer, of extraordinary faith and hope and joy. I think of growing in perseverance, in worship, and in wisdom.

It’s time to dream of renovation!

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