May You Flourish “Like a Palm Tree”

This morning in Psalm 92, I wondered about this marvelous statement in verse 12: “They righteous will flourish like a palm tree. . .”

I paused. I wondered. How does a palm tree flourish? What’s so great about a palm tree?

As I studied the most likely kind of palm the Jewish writer mentions here (the date palm), I found myself so excited to draw personal goals from the palm’s unique characteristics. In this case, the date palm flourishes in 5 key ways:

First, it offers the sweetest fruit for others to enjoy. I immediately think of ministry and what fruit my life bears. Do my actions nourish others sweetly?

Secondly, it provides shelter and shadeI ask whether I’m a protective, restful presence in my home, neighborhood and workplace.

Thirdly, its fruit enhances immunity and protects health; the date releases numerous health benefits to protect against disease. I wondered how my teaching and prayer life help engage in spiritual warfare to help others stand strong in the Lord.

Fourthly, the date palm stands as symbol of grace and elegance. I begin to pray that my life reflects the beauty and radiates the beauty of Christ.

Finally, this palm exhibits excellent environmental tolerance as a hearty and strong plant. I think of rising in maturity to withstand any environment.

The promise that we will flourish like palm trees motivated me this morning to pray for a palm tree kind of life. Might we offer sweet fruit, provide rest and shade to others, protect them, radiate the Lord, and grow into maturity.

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