May It Carry a Blessing

My seminary professor once said, “Nothing mattered more to God’s people than securing His blessing. There was nothing more important. Everything was about being blessed by God.” Today I thought more carefully about what it means to have the blessing of God and why people would do anything to have that blessing.

I ask my daughter, “Would you rather have a million dollars or one blessing from God?” She said, “The blessing! I’d take the blessing!” She knows that when God blesses, it’s everything we’ve ever needed because with God’s blessing comes His power, presence, and favor. It comes with fulfillment. A blessing means that God pours His love and purpose out on that situation. Lately, I’ve expanded my view of God’s blessing to mean that God has moved in this situation in a way that will honor Christ and work for our good.

I think about sharing in this character quality of God. He is a God who blesses, and we partake in bestowing blessings on others. We invite God’s blessing into the lives of others through us, in our work, in our speech, even as we prepare meals for our family. When we give of resources, I pray that it carries more than just that financial or material provision. I pray it carries a true blessing from God.

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