“May I Take Control Now?”

I’ve had to call the Technology Help Desk for the English Department twice because of networked printer problems. Each time, the support person says in a calm voice over the phone, “May I take control of your computer now?”

I have no idea where the person actually is and what’s about to happen (and how do they do it!?), but I say, “Yes,” and then watch my computer do things I had no idea it could do. The kind professional has infiltrated and paralyzed me; I can’t do anything to my computer while she’s working. She is diagnosing problems, opening files, and doing all sorts of bizarre operations that I watch from my desk chair. It’s fun to see my computer doing things like this in response to an unseen hand.

I can’t do anything but sit back and watch, so I decide to eat lunch and organize some papers.

Of course I’m still present to answer questions and move some cables around when asked, but mostly, I’m letting someone else have all the control.

I think about how simple and easy the whole thing is and how, if I only let Him, God might have this kind of control over me. Infiltrate! Take over! Tell me what to do! Diagnose all my problems and connect everything that’s broken.

That’s what it’s like if I just let God have control. I learn from the technician that both users can’t have control at the same time. So I surrender more completely than ever.

Yes, take control! I’ll sit back and watch your power and wisdom at work.


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