Massaging the Kale

I didn’t believe it. People actually massage their kale. Apparently, this makes for the most delicious salad. I look it up. It’s true. We’re all supposed to massage the kale.

For five minutes, simply squish the kale around with your hands. This breaks apart all of the tough fibers and makes the kale so tender and delicious. Massaged kale allows for easier digestion and creates a milder taste.

My family’s new favorite salad: Kale Caesar Salad.

Kale Caesar Salad: Ingredients: 2 cups massaged kale; 2 cups chopped romaine; one cup chopped fresh spinach; a cup frozen peas; 1/4 cup finely diced red onion; salt and pepper; store bought Caesar dressing (we like Wegmans or Marie’s brand); big, crusty croutons; sprinkled fresh parmesan cheese.

Kale Caesar Salad from Live with Flair
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