Marinating for the Grill

This morning I gathered all my kabob ingredients to marinate in an Italian dressing in order to build my kabobs for the grill. I let my meat and veggies marinate for a few hours before I thread everything onto my skewers to grill. While waiting for the kabobs to cook, you can make a pot of brown rice to serve alongside your meat and veggies.

Our favorite kabobs? I love mushrooms, red onion, tomatoes, peppers, tofu, chicken, and pineapple. That’s it! I’ve also grilled broccoli on the kabob, too. I often forgo a green salad or fresh fruit because the whole plate fills up with all the veggies and pineapple from the kabobs.

With the weather warming a bit today, I’m thrilled to move the cooking outside to the grill. And I find that food served on a stick is always, somehow, more fun. It’s a little way of living with flair today.

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