Making Time

I remember this morning to slow down and think about what I most need if I’m feeling overwhelmed about anything.

I discover that normally I feel overwhelmed when I feel like I don’t have enough time.

Time is a magnificent resource to manage. When I talk to older people, and especially wealthier people, they tell me that what they most manage and think about isn’t money; it’s time. Time is the precious resource! Time! 

Since we can’t make more time or add more hours to the day, we can think better about managing time as a resource. How can we shift things around in our schedule to better manage our time? Shall we bring out our “Not To Do” list again?

Consider non-essential tasks. Consider moving weekly meetings to bi-monthly meetings (or better yet, sending an email instead of having a meeting). Consider doubling up on tasks (make phone calls while cooking dinner or folding laundry). Consider shifting essential and difficult tasks to earlier in your schedule when you’re more alert.

The best intervention I’ve made is to remember that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Just because you can meet on Zoom doesn’t mean you must. Just because someone calls doesn’t mean you must answer. Just because someone says something is urgent doesn’t mean you are the person to respond all the time.

I pray about managing time better as a special gift and a resource to treasure.

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