Making Music With Whatever’s Around

Last night I heard David Crowder play guitar and sing. I was fascinated by the unusual instrumentation of the band behind him–and even his own techniques–that he’s now become famous for. I couldn’t name all the instruments, but I know that some of the band played on found metal objects and even made music by dropping chains on the ground.

I thought about how many times in the psalms I read about songs and music and making a joyful noise unto the Lord. For someone like me who cannot sing at all and who cannot even read music, I always found it curious how musical God seemed to be.

I realize there’s all kinds of ways to make music–that beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion that typifies music. I think of my whole life and everything that’s now here and was and all that will be. I think about the scraps and the chains, the discord and the chaos. I think about how the band leader counts out the beat and suddenly, it all makes sense together. I follow God and make music of this whole life.


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