Loose Threads Hour

Sometimes, we can get so overwhelmed in our house with all the loose threads that threaten to unravel the whole week. I’m talking about the loose threads of school forms to sign, clothing to mend, booking travel, returning emails that we both have to weigh in on, updating finances, sending off wedding presents–all the things that don’t directly relate to our work day.

So instead of freaking out about all the loose threads (or balls dropping, or plates falling, whatever image works!) we decide to designate the hour after dinner at the “loose threads hour.”

During the Loose Threads Hour, we plow through all the little tasks that drive us crazy, pile up and create stress, and don’t seem to fit naturally into our work tasks.

Plus, you can make a cup of tea, have a cookie, and be together at the kitchen table as you push back the insanity of a busy week. And it’s only Monday, so this Loose Threads Hour matters even more.

So when I feel the stress of a loose thread staring me in the face, I don’t even think about it. I’ll deal with it later, during the Loose Threads Hour. 


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