Looking Around

I take a gentle little stroll right before a rainstorm. I noticed the lilac, the bright red azalea, the pink dogwood, the yellow and orange tulips, and the deep blue of the violets. Right before the storm, the color seems more vibrant: the grass takes on a deep lush green, and the bark of the oak trees seems a little bit more brown.

As I stroll, I find two robins’ nests nearly complete. Next week I’ll track the eggs with excitement.

I suddenly remember the past 15 years of strolling with my children, first in strollers and then with them in hand by my side. Our walks were called “rainbow hunts” because we would look for every color of the rainbow. We couldn’t come home until we found all the colors in nature. Purple was always rarest. Oh, that they were with me today! So many purple lilacs line my path.

It’s a wonderful stroll to look all the way around–behind me and within. 

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