Look to Bless Someone

This morning–in the midst of exhaustion (it’s too early!)–and a desire to go back to the weekend’s ease, I remembered to take my eyes off myself for a minute and revise the day’s purpose:

I’m here. You’re here. What if I’m here on this day, in this pathway, in this body to offer blessings in some tangible way? What if God’s plan for you and me is to stand up and bless?

God sends us out today. God might just have people intersecting our lives who need practical help, words of encouragement, or any kind of aid.

And so the mission begins:

First, a student leaves her apple watch charging in my classroom. I take it for her and email her to meet up to deliver the precious object (and avoid certain theft): a small blessing.

Then, a student confides about a personal problem. I know she’s a Christian, so I speak words of hope and confidence from scripture: a vital blessing since God’s word works.

I think next about giving my full and best attention to students in office hours who need help with papers, time-sensitive recommendations, or advice about this or that: a simple but profound blessing to give our full attention.

It’s only been a few hours on this tired morning. But the task stays near. We open our eyes. We bless.

All day, we bless.

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