Living Like All Will Go Right For Us

This morning in my Hannah Whitall Smith devotional, God is Enough, I read the simple and most astonishing statement that because God is enough for us, “all must go right for us.”

I linger on the phrase for a moment and consider how different a life becomes when lived in light of this amazing truth. Can you imagine worries and fears dissolving under the warmth of this truth that with God in our lives, “all must go right for us?”

She writes, “Neglect, indifference, forgetfulness, ignorance, are all impossible to God. He knows everything, He cares about everything, He can manage everything, and He loves us. What more could we ask?”

What more could we ask? What more do we need?

All must go right for us.

The statement changes how I approach problems in my life of any kind. Small inconveniences or large disappointments change under the belief that this thing happening is actually something going right for me because of who God is.

I remember another astonishing line that “every problem we have is related to our view of God” from Walter Henrichsen. If our God is big, our problems are small. If our God is small, our problems rise up and seem to conquer us.

But they can’t. Because God is enough, “all must go right for us.”

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