Living as Accompaniment

Whenever I watch and listen to musicians with accompaniment, I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. Today I watch a daughter playing flute on stage with her father playing piano accompaniment, and I thought about the experience all morning long.

I know so little about music, but I learn, in simple terms, that accompaniment is the rhythmic or harmonic support to the melody or main part of an instrumental piece.

In another sense, accompaniment refers to an object introduced into a setting in order to provide symmetry or completion.

Accompaniment, in any case, refers to that which supports, enhances, completes, amplifies, or harmonizes. I think of so many things: God, friendship, marriage, motherhood. I think of my life as accompaniment to the main melody of whatever God is doing in this person. I listen to that music, and I play along to support and enhance.

You take the stage; I’ll play accompaniment.


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