Little Pleasures

I recently discovered the Dutch treat called Stroopwafel. It’s a toasted waffle filled with caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla. In my town, I can only find them at a little store off the beaten path. 

They’re made in Holland! They are amazing! You set the round Stroopwafel on top of your coffee mug, and the steam warms the caramel inside the treat!

But I miss these treats, and I haven’t had time to find them. And I’m traveling and missing home and wondering about all the  blessings God brings each day. When I travel, I’ve learned to ease the anxiety by searching for these blessings in airports and on planes.

But still, I’m out of sorts. 

So when I’m flying over some strange land and the flight attendant stops to ask if I want anything, I want to shout, “I want everything! I want nothing! I don’t know what I want!”

I say, “No, thank you.”

“Are you sure? Not even this?”

And she hands me a Stroopwafel. United has apparently partnered with Stroopwafel. 

I feel loved, seen, delighted.   


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