Little Joys

Today, I began collecting little joys. Years ago, I joined a community that challenged one another to record five moments like this each day. For years, I did this, and I return to the practice today.

  1. I found a list a student made of new verbs to use. She’s been writing emails to me where she practices her semicolons and colons.
  2. Two students have emailed me personal writing for me to read and comment upon, simply for the love of sharing writing with someone willing to read. So far, I’ve read poems and short essays, and it’s only the second week of class.
  3. I collect a small bowl of blackberries and raspberries each afternoon.
  4. I learned that if the humidity rises above 80%, the likelihood that a migraine will form increases. I’m thankful for information like this that drives me indoors into the cool air conditioning when weather changes.
  5. I’m serving chili with butternut squash tonight. I made cornbread that’s already cooling on the stove.

Small, beautiful things.

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