Listen, Learn, and Pray

I’m still in a season of listening, learning, and praying about everything affecting our lives during this time–whether in debates about COVID-19 or how to combat systemic racism in truly helpful ways. I ask God for wisdom every day. I ask God to position me as an agent of blessing, proclamation, and reconciliation as I attend faculty meetings, prepare for fall teaching, run my household, and live as a citizen in my county.

I don’t feel despair. I feel hope. I feel BIG HOPE. We’re in a liminal state in so many ways. I’m in a liminal state as a parent sending a child off into her adult life. I’m in a liminal state as I think about a new social order of anti-racism. And I’m in a liminal state as I grapple with a changing educational model of online learning.

Liminal states! They are purifying, reorienting, and root-growing times. I’m thankful.

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