Lifter of My Head

Back during my youth group days, we sang a worship song I just loved. It went like this:

Thou, O Lord, are a shield about me. You’re my glory; you’re the lifter of my head.

I loved that soothing song, and I often sang it as I went about my day. This morning, as I read Psalm 3 (because it’s now May 1st–you can start reading a few a psalms a day with me!), I noted the verse inspiring the song: Psalm 3:3. I take note of the odd biblical expression that God is the lifter of my head

What a powerful image to consider right now. God lifts our heads. He raises our heads up to live differently today.

I think of five things:

  • God lifts our head so we enter back into community; He takes away our shame which makes us hide and put our face down.
  • God gives us honor and helps us hold our heads high in a posture of confidence, boldness, gratitude, and celebration.
  • God lifts our head and delivers us from discouragement and hopelessness. 
  • God lifts our head so we can see new possibilities.
  • God lifts our head to worship Him in every circumstance.

I love thinking about God as the lifter of my head when I’m tempted to hold my head low in defeat or discouragement. Why is your head hanging low today? God, thank You that You are the lifter of our heads right now. 

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