Life at Home

Once I sowed to please the spirit, surrendered, and began to dwell in hope, I could begin to see the unexpected blessings of this most strange and unprecedented time in history. While I do allow myself a few minutes each day to check the news, worry terribly over COVID-19, and let my mind imagine worst-case scenarios, for the other hours of the day, I’m living.

And here’s how I’m living:

I wake up naturally for the first time in as long as I can remember. Nobody wakes to alarms; there’s nowhere to go and nobody waiting for us. There’s no schedule. So everyone is well-rested in my home.

I soak in the Bible like never before. I might spend over an hour just reading, taking notes, journaling, talking to God, and then listening to a sermon. I pray as I’m led.

I walk for an hour an a half every single day along the creek. We meet up with another couple who keeps their distance, but we can still process how our virtual work lives are going and how we are doing. We share scripture; we pray; we strategize; we encourage. We also talk about how we can make sure others in our community have food and the resources they need.

I cook lunch and dinner, and this morning my daughters and I made a homemade apple pie, crust and all. I feel a little bit like we are pioneer girls.

I check in on several people for various reasons. I think about how I can serve people through helping them in ways I can.

I teach efficiently, wholeheartedly, and now expertly on virtual formats. I’m finding that students need about only 20 minutes of a Zoom lecture and the rest might include a discussion board, breakout rooms, or a writing prompt. They become fatigued with too much technology, too.

Certain small outside rituals now become precious: checking the blooming daffodils in the yard, watching the birds choose possible nesting sites, walking to get the mail in the sunshine.

I organize the evening with popcorn and a movie every night. Every night! This family time has been so meaningful, especially with a senior in high school that I might otherwise not ever see.

I retreat to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls and listen to a sermon before falling asleep.

Life is simple. Every day, I rest in faith that allows for ambiguity and for uncertainty. I pray that God heals the sick and diminishes the power of the virus. And then I live.

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