Letting God Plan the Day

This morning, I begin my enormous To Do List, and I feel overwhelmed with tasks and deadlines. It’s a day with too much to do, too many events, and too many people needing something. It’s a busy season!

But first: coffee, Bible, and that To Do list and journal. Why?

I’ve learned over the years to sit down with the Lord first and ask for instructions for the day. In case you think this is too mystical or not the Lord’s concern, remember how the Lord “formed the hearts of all and considers everything they do” (emphasis mine from Psalm 33:15). Remember how Jesus didn’t do everything but only exactly what the Father commanded (John 14:31). Finally, remember that God has prepared in advanced the good works of our lives. The day belongs to God. I belong to God. You belong to God. Let’s ask Him to plan this day for us.

We have a God who is magnificent in wisdom (Isaiah 28:29) and who instructs us in the way we should go (Psalm 25:2). He promises to direct our paths as we trust in Him and “lean not on our own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

So I ask God right now to plan and direct my day by the Holy Spirit. I pray for His wisdom to order the chaos and to prompt my heart in the right direction of where to focus my energy and attention. It’s a matter of listening to the voice of the Good Shepherd in my heart. I also ask God to shape my desires for what is best today as I make a thousand choices. What or Who needs the most attention? God sees what we don’t see. He knows all.

So I let Him plan the day.

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